Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Benrinnes 27 Year Old (1984). Carn Mor. Cask 2269, 57.6%

Strange are the ways of whisky. Had both a Benrinnes and a Carn Mor bottling quite recently and liked both. So turned to this, one of the samples brought back from the whisky festival, with high hopes.

Cereal/spirit on the nose, oaky mouth and finish, a bit of burn. Opens up slightly with a drop of water— just maybe there's some sherry in there too. Overall though: disappointing.

Monday, 12 November 2012

Tomatin 34 yo (1976). Liquid Sun 48.7%

Lots of sherry on the nose. Dried fruit: apricots.
Mouth— filling, warm, more raisins and dried fruit. Very sweet/liqueur-like.
Finish— like falling asleep in front of a log fire.

It's very good, but the overall effect is hardly unique. Probably suffered by coming immediately after the Carn Mor Caol Ila.

Caol Ila 31 yo (1981/2012) Carn Mor. 55.3%

Something special, this.

Incredibly lively and ester-y on the nose, for its age. Only a faint hint of smoke.

Mouth kicks in with various fruit flavours, including grapefruit and pineapple. There's surprising tropical-ness here: almost Um Bongo. Very little oakiness.

The finish is smooth and long, with the various tropical flavours jostling good-naturedly. The peat remains subdued.

On a second tasting the smoke comes through a little more noticeably, but nothing unpleasant or medicinal about it: fragrant applewood.

Generally I'm sceptical that any whisky is worth more than three figures— the decoupling of price from value at the higher end just becomes exponentially ridiculous. But it's whisky like this that necessitates use of the word 'generally'...

Forty Creek Barrel Select. 40%

Another miniature, and the first blended whisky to be reviewed on here.

Nose- fruity, vanilla fudge
Mouth- very sweet, mixed fruit (initially some citrus), warmer and smoother going into the finish.
Finish- warm, smooth and sweet.

An enjoyable easy drinker.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Dalwhinnie 15 yo. 43%

Nose: subtle. Honey and citrus. Maybe something a bit floral.
Mouth: smooth. Honey, citrus, and just a hint of smoke.
Finish: lengthens as you get through the glass. Warm and pleasant but no last minute surprises, good or bad.

Everything a good highland malt should be. 

Monday, 5 November 2012

Bladnoch 17 yo. 46%

One of the miniatures brought back from Scotland last month.

Nose: grassy meadows.
Mouth: citrus fruits, honey, grass, fizzy sherbert. Complex. There's a slight burn, though.
Finish: becomes smoother, warmer, more honey coming through.

Interesting and rather nice.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Slyrs 2009. 43%

A Bavarian whisky.

Very young, grainy and harsh. Not particularly pleasant.