Thursday, 7 June 2012

Auchentoshan 'Classic' 40%

The entry level Auchentoshan. The nose is hardly inspiring, bland bourbon with hints of grain and oil— but it gets much better. Lots of vanilla on the palate, the characteristic overwhelming smoothness, and a nice warming finish.

The context certainly helped with this tasting, a crackling log fire (in June!) surrounded by family. I've had this many times before and always liked it, both in its current un-aged 'classic' bottling and the previous 10 year old. Although it's clearly changed, I couldn't choose between them without a side-by-side tasting. It still has that pleasant, easy-drinking quality, and a triple-distilled smoothness that offers something distinct from the Highland malts.

[I've also had the Triple Oak Auchentoshan before and remember not particularly liking it. Will try to taste again now I've got these notes to compare against.]

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