Sunday, 24 June 2012

Talisker 10 yr old 45.8%

Acquired this bottle from a fellow malt whisky drinker who received it as an unwanted gift— not a fan of this style. How many times do we have to explain to well-meaning non-whisky drinkers that it doesn't all taste the same?

Nose: Mostly smoke and peat. Indeed, probably enough to dissuade most active Islay/Island dislikers, but fine for an 'undecided' like me.
Mouth: Initially robust, but the smoky peatiness dissolves into something sweeter. It's a slightly jarring transition but not altogether unpleasant.
Finish: long, sweet and warming. Nice.

The elements don't quite gel, but I like this nonetheless. I swapped it for the dregs of my most recent bottle of Dun Leire and consider that a fair exchange.  A good winter warmer if nothing else.

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